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#5300: Re: #5293: Lynn Garrison:Dorce comments to Grey (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 10/12/2000 12:45:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
Racine125@aol.com (Kathy S. Grey) writes:

<< Golly, I wonder did he advise Cedras to oversee the murder of 5,000 
Haitians?  Did he advise him to start the 1994 FRAPH rape campaign?  If I was 
an "advisor" to a killer like Cedras I wouldn't admit it. >>
Actually, yes he did.  He also told them that Americans had no stomach for 
foreign confrontation (probably against wild native blacks) since the Somalia 
fiasco where soldiers were killed and bodies mutilated on international TV.  
So a small demonstration on the docks would certainly send the USS Harlan 
County back, tail between legs, to avoid possible US military casualties.  It 
was a big bluff and it worked perfectly.  Garrison increased his cachet on 
that one.  I know a reporter who was in Haiti for a short time during the 
coup years and she spoke with him at length.  He told her that he was a very 
important person with the regime, intimating he was calling the shots 
completely.  (I'm sure Cedras et al. would get a kick out of that!)  He was 
finally a big fish in a small pond, unlike his years in the States (he ran a 
Haitian art Gallery in Santa Monica) and in Canada.  But if he is a water 
creature, I see him as pond scum rather than a big or little fish.  His 
raison d'être is to destroy Aristide...by any means possible.  But I do not 
know his motives unless it is pure self aggrandizement.