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#5297: "the big deal about medicines & a medical file" (fwd)



> << He personally searched Aristide's
> living quarters, on September 30, 1991
> discovering Aristide's medical
> dossier, and medicines>>
> Didn't he have some obsession with
> Aristide's pajamas?  And anyway,
> what is the big deal about medicines
> and a medical file, did he expect
> Aristide never to get sick?
The "big deal about medicines and a medical file" is not that he
expected Aristide never to get sick.  The "big deal" is that
Aristide is sick.  Aristide has a longstanding history of serious
medical psychological disorder for which he was and is under
medical treatment.  Without his medicines, he is out of control
and unable to perform in the role of President.  He went without
his medicines during a certain time period when he was in exile
and, I understand, one of the Haitian officials (the ambassador?)
had to pull him off of one of the American officials when
Aristide physically jumped and began attacking him.