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#5302: Multicultural Interviewee(s) needed (fwd)

From: "A. [iso-8859-1] Belokopitsky-Médard" <amedard@gte.net>

[Please reply directly to the address above and do not just
reply to this list address.  Thanks,  Bob.]

I'm back in school and need to interview a non-American, or
first or 2nd generation American of a non-American ancestry.  How
about someone on this list?  You could answer on or off the list,
but if it's on the list, perhaps others could validate, add
variation or whatever.  (I guess that's also up to our


Questions* to be addressed:

     *Note:  I did not choose the subject matter or
     questions.  They are part of the assignment.  If you
     feel that questions are out of line / invasive /
     disrespectful, or otherwise inappropriate,  and do not
     want to answer them, please just say so and indicate
     (generally or specifically) why.

A.  Cultural
    1.  What is your racial background?
    2.  How does your family express:
            - feelings?
            - religion?
            - illness/death?
    3.  Are there any restrictions of your family to:
            - exposure of body parts?
            - discussion of fears?
            - communication process?

B.  Psychological
    1.  How would your family deal with stereotypical behavior
from health professionals?
    2.  How would they deal with feelings of loss of dignity in a
clinical setting?
    3.  What is the role of religioius persons during your
family's health or illness?

C.  Sociological
    1.  Does your family feel the need for continuous presence in
patients' clinical setting?
    2.  How does your family participate in patients' care
    3.  Are there any key family members in your family who could
be a key resource for health professionals?

D.  Physiological
    1.  Are there any specific diseases that are prevalent for
your family?
    2.  Are there racial or anatomical characteristics of your
family that may affect physical assessment & care?
    3.  How can health care professionals deal with these

E.  Are there any other cultural considerations which health
professionals should be aware of and/or keep in mind?