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#5330: Re: $5321: Etoit or Zetroit-Grand Anse (fwd)

From: ROODY BARTHELEMY <kreyolco@hotmail.com>

Hello Tequila:

My answer to your post is rather insightful than satisfactory.  Yet it rests 
on two solid elements that can be very useful: (1) Documentation, and (2) 
Personal experience.

Zetroit-Grand Anse (or Zetwa, as I prefer to write it, and even Etwa/Etoi) 
is nowhere to be found in the "Dictionary of the Republic of Haiti's 
Communes, Quarters and Communal Sections". (1996 edition,Dépôt Légal 
96-08-227 at the Bibliothèque National D'Haïti).

But you're right, Zetwa is in the Grand-Anse isthmus.  Having visited there 
in several occasions, I can tell you it's easy to get there (my opinion).  I 
usually go to Baradères or Rivière Salée; and from there, I direct to Zetwa. 
  If you're driving there, you'll have to go to Baradères eventually.  But 
if you takin the boat (we usually say <mòtè>, motor) it's better to have the 
boatr take you to Rivière Salée, because it's the closest point to Zetwa. 
>From Rivière Salée, we easily reach Zetwa and the ambiance is unique there, 
esp. on <jou mache>, market day. Zetwa is closer to Baradères than to 
Pestel, yet the inhabitants of Zetwa refer jurisdictionally to Pestel rather 
than to Baradères with which they commerce everyday. There is an apparent 
blur in the geo-governmental boundaries of this small undocumented yet 
popular little block of Zetwa.  But regardless my reserve and/or ignorance, 
Zetwa is simply enchanteresquely out of touch.

I am acquainted to several native of Zetwa living in Port-au-Prince and in 
Florida too.  If you need more on this, buzz back with some specifics.

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