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#5339: OAS mission back in Haiti to promote dialogue (fwd)

From: "BriceWebb, Carline" <CBriceWebb@oas.org>

OAS mission back in Haiti to promote dialogue

The Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States,
Luigi Einaudi, went back to Haiti on October 13, to continue efforts to
foster dialogue towards political stability there. Ambassador Einaudi
announced the mission during a meeting of the Permanent Council, after
giving a progress report on the OAS' Mission to Haiti, which is mandated by
resolution to help bring the government and major political parties as well
as civil society groups into discussion, aimed at strengthening democracy
and resolving political differences over conflicting interpretations of the
results of senatorial elections held last May.  "That will inevitably have
important implications for this Organization and for its member states,"
said Einaudi of any agreement to emerge on how to approach the problems
posed by the May elections as well as presidential elections next November
26.  "We will probably need to develop and lead a follow-up mechanism to
accompany Haiti's efforts." Jean Ricot Dormeus, the Chargé d'Affaires at
Haiti's Permanent Mission to the OAS, thanked the OAS for facilitating the
dialogue and stated that the government was doing everything to ensure
November's elections are free, fair, transparent and democratic. A number of
delegations also addressed the Haiti question and supported Einaudi's
efforts to help promoted dialogue in Haiti.