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#5348: Re: #5328: Re: #5308: Dorce to Anonymous re: Garrison (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 10/18/2000 10:19:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Anonymous 

<< Indeed, it is anonymous for a reason, however, not that which you stated.  
Let me ask:  how credible would the U.S. government or their actions have 
appeared in
 the face of the world - especially after backing Aristide so staunchly (or so
 they wanted it to appear) during his stay in the States - if this had leaked
 out?  Politics is not always what it outwardly appears to be ... in fact, it 
 usually _not_ as it outwardly appears.  It's all show and Americans are, in a
 large part, naively gullible as to the virtues of their government. >>
While I agree with you that all is not as it seems and mainstream America is 
woefully (or mercifully) in the dark, I submit that this news bit is not as 
it seems as well.  American politics isn't the White House, and the powers at 
work here would LOVE to discredit Aristide and humiliate the president.  They 
have been clamoring for his rear end for eight bitter years now.  Don't even 
TRY to tell me the media covers up for Clinton.
<<BTW, this tidbit about Aristide was reported by the news, but very rapidly
squelched.  It has not been only once (on the contrary, many, many times) 
that I
observed happenings abroad (including Haiti) first hand, only to turn on CNN 
see a report totally contrary to reality.  An avid follower of the news, it 
also not only once that news leaked and one or two report of reality was 
but again, only to be squelched and turned 180 degrees.  With your 
experiences, I
am surprised that you never observed this.>>
The news story was given by none other than the legend in his own mind, Lynn 
Garrison.  Do you think the CIA doesn't plant stories to forward their own 
agenda?  I have observed altered reality journalism but in Haiti's case, 
never have I seen anything slanted in a direction that enhances Aristide's 
position nor that of the majority Haitian.....so who's zooming who?

As for Aristide's mental status, at the risk of offending, I doubt there is 
anyone in Haiti who is not suffering from at least Post Traumatic Stress 
Syndrome.  Living with the constant threat of death because of your political 
beliefs is not healthy.  However, Aristide is no more or no less unbalanced 
than you or I would be in similar circumstances.