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#5346: Nov. 4-Margaret Mead Film Festival-Museum Nat'l History : in NY City

From: Tequila Minsky <tminsky@ix.netcom.com>

Museum of Nat'l History, NYC, Central Park at 79th

New York--Nov. 4  5:30pm

The Revelations of Ms. Nerva! (Les Illuminations de Mme. Nerva!)
Charles Najman 1999.  78 min. Video (Haiti) 
U.S. Premiere

Lush cinematography and long shots provide a portrait of Madame
Nerva, a Haitian mambo, or priestess of Vodou. Considered
an authority on the world of spiritis that aid and protect
the living. Madame Nerva offers for a fee, advice on how best to entreat
one's personal spirits, offering therapeutic treatments and performing
rituals that negotiate the balance between beneign and malevolent forces.

Discussion. Sat. Nov. 4 --5:30pm


The Revelations of Mrs. Nerva!
ADR Productions
Paris, France
tel. 33-01-43-14-3434
fax. 33-01-43-14-3430