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#5361: Re: #5343: Aristide's "illness" in the news:Jean Jean-Pierre weighs in. (fwd)

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

> I don't have the date at hand, but CIA Director James Woolsey and
> the CIA's chief Latin American analyst, Brian Latell, went before
> Congress to brief lawmakers on the crisis brewing over Aristide's
> scheduled return to Haiti, they repeatedly asserted that the
> president had been hospitalized for psychiatric treatment in
> Montreal during the early 1980s, members of Congress said.  ANONYMOUS

It is no surprise that this guy/gal prefers to remain anonymous. Both Brian Latell and
James Woosley plucked this "Aristide is a psycho" canard from the same source:
this sociopath called Lynn Garrison.  So   0+0= a bigger 0.
As far as then Congressman -now Senator Robert Torricelli, I remember interviewing
him for Radio for Peace International (located in Costa Rica) in 1993 and he himself was
quoting Brian Latell.
This condescending dude Garrison confided to a friend of mine that Haitians -in general- were
naive and needed a "son of a bitch" like him to "show them that politics is no game for
You see Mr/Ms Anonymous, this is part of this "low intensity warfare" being waged by the US
against not only many poor countries, but also leaders from those places perceived to be too
close to the masses.  The reason is quite simple: control by proxy. Political control;
military control (we know that most military personnel from Latin America and the Caribbean
were trained at the School of the Americas , Fort Bening, Georgia); cultural control (today
in Haiti there are more raga-morphine -a blend of Reggae and Rap- bands than Rasin
(roots/Vodou) oriented bands. And young Haitians speak more English than French). And lastly,
economic control.
On the latter, the US and Haitians (politicians and the so-called elite) have conspired to
destroy most local industries so new markets can be opened to the US. Rice is a good example.
The garbage we send in every day in those trailers makes matters worst.  Lately the
"dollarization" of the rest of the world (save the Euro-dollar for the time being), has been
"ô so quietly" one of the goals being pursued by the US.
Equador is the most recent country to officially adopt theUS dollar as its currency.
In this continent Panama was the first. In Europe, Monaco, Vatican City and most of the
former Soviet Union states have already accepted our mighty $ as official currency. In Asia,
East Timor and many others...
Haiti is PROBABLY next. The sad part is, the gourde is in such a bad shape, when it happens
(there is no if) most of us will cheer...  I'll bring more on that in a later post.
Jean Jean-Pierre