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5331 Re: #5874: Re: #5869: Re:The Anti-Christ Speaks.....Dorce comments (fwd)

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In a message dated 10/22/2000 9:27:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time, qret6394 
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<< I wonder if you might have a different repsonse if Jesse Helms had not 
 the original  post. The Clinton-Gore policy on Haiti has been a 
failure..just like the policies of other previous administrations. >>
I thought it was bunk before I read the author's name.  In my opinion, 
Clinton's policy (it wasn't Gore's policy, you sound like a 
semi-Democrat...;) was to help Aristide get back to Haiti (the Black Caucus 
and the Kennedy's, among other supporters were solidly on the side of 
Aristide).  As usual he ran into serious roadblocks with the Republicans (why 
doesn't everyone see this???) who were happy Aristide was out and the 
military (trained by our guys!) was in.  If Clinton had gone ahead with his 
original plans, he would have lost more cooperation with the Republican 
controlled congress than he already had.  Big help that was, since they 
skewered and BBQ'd him anyway.  Still, the White House is not all powerful 
and Clinton's policy couldn't be implemented so the usual watered down, 
wimpy, half baked policy went into effect.  I see the failure to get things 
done in the last 8 years as a product of the Republican obsession with 
discrediting Clinton in any way they could.  It worked pretty good too and 
Aristide was just a casualty in the war on Clinton.  I say he will fool them 
all by walking out of the fire they started.  Bush would have never helped 
Aristide get back to his rightful place....Regan either.   Haiti is the mess 
it is because of those two presidents and the big business they cater to. 

<<What kind of "democracy" doesn't allow for the voice of  an opposition,
what kind of democracy is it in which power and authority are not legitimate 
are rather tied to the personality of one person?>>
Everyone is allowed to voice their opposition, they are not allowed to 
terrorize and otherwise force their opinion on those who believe in 
democracy.  When Duvalier was there, it was unhealthy to have any political 
opinions......now they can print anything they want about the president and 
Aristide....and they do.  I fail to see what problem you have with 
Aristide....it is support of a man and his beliefs not a cult of 
personality...it is a matter of perception.

<<But then perhaps democracy is not what you have in mind.>>
Democracy is fine by me, and I believe the majority of voters have spoken for 
their candidates...what kind of democracy are you talking about???  By the 
way, I believe strongly in letting Haitians decide for themselves what kind 
of democracy they want for themselves and not outsiders like the OAS.  Most 
especially including the US of A. It is the height of arrogance to believe 
that Haiti's democracy will look exactly like the 200 year old version of 
ours.  We had a couple centuries head start and we didn't do so well at first 
either, unless you consider slavery a grand economic system.  We wouldn't 
have taken kindly to other more powerful countries coming in to audit our 
elections and goings on...you think?  Haiti is in TRANSITION........stand 
back and let her grow.