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5334 Jewish people in Haiti - Jewish tombs (graves) in Jeremie (fwd)

From: Alfred LARGANGE <alargange@keenvision.com>

Dear Mr. Corbett,
I have spent a few moments reading your Web Site about Haiti, a country I
have discovered in 1998 and where I returned in 1999 and this year.
This is a little contribution to the topic of Jewish people in Haiti.
I was in Jeremie in October 1999 and I took some photos of the cemetery
(just behind the Cultural Center and Hotel built by Bishop Romelus that some
of the list may know.
Back to Martinique (I'm from Martinique), I showed the pictures to my mother
and, looking at the cemetery views, she told me that the tombs (caveaux in
French) with round tops were Jewish. These beautiful and quite well
preserved tombs seemed to me to date back to the turn of the 20th century.
That reminded me of an obituary I had read in a Haitian newspaper ("Haiti en
Marche" ?) in 1998, concerning a Mr. Saada who had died in Canada but was
well known as a prominent member of the Jewish community of Jeremie.

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