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5353: Modest proposal for eco terroism in Haiti (fwd)

Please post this anon for clear reasons.
Everyone knows that 90% ( thereabouts)
of the domestic cooking in Haiti is done with chabon.

Apparently the southern coast is the current target
for the conspiracists who wish to render 8 million
Haitians supine and desparate and starving.
Who are these conspiracists? The trucking companies
which transport tons of charcoal into PauP every
day by stripping the slopes of the south coast.

Bearing in mind the fantastic response of the
Haitian people to the threat posed by the
eklips soley in 1998 I propose a comprehensive
program of eco terrorism to stop these chabon
transport operations.

Simple guns or slingshots thru the radiators of
these expensive trucks will soon stop these
thieves of the generations to come.
Everyone knows that the Dominican government
does not allow transport of charcoal and that
gasoline purchasers there subsidize propane
for the pov.

Crippling a few score $100.000 gros kamyon will
soon get the message across.