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5346: RE: 5320 Re: Rumors of a Coup; Simidor Responds to Driver (fwd) a reply

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While much of Mr. Simidor's post is thoughtful, it ends with shades of
"American plan" cant at the end.  The truth is that the US govt was
blindsided by Aristide's dismantling the military. The presence of 25,000
troops to prevent the FAd'H from preventing this move allowed him to get
away with it. They were his ace-in-the-hole, not vice versa. It would have
been much more useful to the US to have a "professional" as opposed to a
brutalizing military in place to serve as a check on Aristide. Now, the
mostly feckless police are becoming one more tool in the Lavalas arsenal as
professional credentials become less meaningful than willingness to further
Titid's agenda for advancement in the HNP.