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5366: [Fwd: Ethics of research on HIV discordant couples in Hait] (fwd)

From: Yacine Khelladi <yacine@aacr.net>

Answers to Tony de Moya

> Instituto de Sexualidad Humana wrote:
> Hello friends,
> Excuse me for intruding your privacy.  Thanks to Mr. Yacine Khelladi I
> can communicate with you regarding the ethics of Cornell University's
> research on HIV discordant couples in Haiti. 
> I received important information published in the New York Times (june
> 6-9 1999), and I am trying to get updated on this case, with the
> purpose of publishing an article in our bulletin and in the Dominican
> Republic's press.
> In case you have an access to more recent information, I will be very
> grateful if you send it to me <inst.sex.humana@codetel.net.do> .
>  I have also been following the case of
> a millionary fraud in the Instituto SIDA de San Juan, Puerto Rico (I
> can send to you an example of our coverage in our bulletin--hoping that you
> can understand Spanish).  If you are interested in receiving this or other 
> editions of the bulletin, please let us know.
> With best regards,
> E. Antonio de Moya, MPH
> Editor, pandemiologia
> <inst.sex.humana@codetel.net.do>
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