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5381: Re: 5361: This Week in Haiti 18:32 10/25/2000 (fwd)

Posted anonymously by request.

I read the Haiti Progress report on the failed coup and couldn?t help but 
being saddened by it, considering that real, innocent people have been drawn 
into it.
This report, better say story, is nothing but an ounce of truth laced with a 
ton of fabrication and fantasy.
A simple check at the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince would have prevented some 
obvious embarrassment to the writer.
I don?t care to dwell on the so-called conspiracy at the US Embassy but:
I know this much is truth:
Involvement of Ambassador Leslie Alexander is to say the least, greatly 
exaggerated!  Considering that this man completed his post at least 4 months 
ago, and has been replaced by a new Chargé, speaks for the fact that he 
wasn?t in Haiti, let alone that he could have met with the Ecuador Group.
I know this much is truth:
MAJ Douyon is not the Military Defense Attaché!  As such, his so-called 
involvement in this affair is nothing short of fiction, or maybe cover-up! 
I?ll leave that up to the imagination.