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5385: Re: 5376: Re: 5351: Re: 5340 Cuba helping Haiti to modernize sugar mill : Poincy replies to Reginald (fwd)

From: caineve@idt.net


The point on a diversified economy is well taken. However, Ayiti does not show 
such an economic pattern in its entire history nor indicates this tendency 
today. Rather, officials tend to promote tourism along side export economy, 
another rodent to the economy. I don?t know if that would fall under an 
excellent form of diversification. 

What would seem to be a diversified economy in its case is confined solely to 
cash crop production. From its inception, the form of production adopted in the 
country has always been one geared toward the international market. The 
presence of the assembly industry came and added to the lot. 

A country not trained to diversify its economy tends to embrace the export-
based type of economy. Now reviving the sugar industry in Ayiti would further 
accentuate Ayiti penchant to it.

Let's agree that Ayiti has a diversified economy (I am sure you do not mean 
diversification in cash crops), it would still cause damages due to the labor-
intensive nature of sugar cane production. As a result it would suck up much of 
the labor force needed elsewhere in the economy. That would inhibit the 
development of other sectors; unless, Dominicans would called upon to cross 
over and work on the sugar cane plantation.

The other drawback: the proceeds from the international market would not be 
sufficient to cover the excessive costs of production and would leave Ayiti 
with a net loss. The price volatility on the international market is a result 
of heavy competition and other sugar production alternatives.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live

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