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#5390: Re: 5381: Re: 5361: Dorce answers anonymous (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 10/30/2000 9:47:43 AM Pacific Standard Time, Posted 
anonymously by request  writes:

  > I read the Haiti Progress report on the failed coup and couldnâ??t help but 
> being saddened by it, considering that real, innocent people have been 
> drawn 
> into it.  This report, better say story, is nothing but an ounce of truth 
> laced with a 
> ton of fabrication and fantasy.  A simple check at the US Embassy in 
> Port-au-Prince would have prevented some obvious embarrassment to the 
> writer.
While I understand Bob Corbett's sense of fair play and need to present all 
sides in his posting of anonymous articles, I can't take any of them 
seriously (so far).  The reason for this is, there have been no anonymous 
postings that have provided a shred of evidence to prove the views stated in 
any of them.  They are no more than points of view or even propaganda.  If 
this anonymous person doesn't believe that segments of the US government have 
a stake in seeing Aristide and Lavalas fail, then they are living in denial.  
I can understand such denial because it means Americans have been living a 
lie all this time, and we indeed are not the guys in the white hats.  A 
bitter pill, but not as bitter as the Haitian people have to swallow daily.   

the American people should know the truth,