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#5391: Re: #5872: Helms (fwd)

From: Sabine Albert <sabinea@yahoo.com>

RE: the Helms debate.

We are now reduced to figuring out how we can best be
part of the American political agenda.

As an armchair spectator in this wretched political
game, it is pathetic to observe that we see Haiti as
being so incapable of governing itself we seek the
solutions to our problems in postioning ourselves in 
the American political agenda, void of any agenda of
our own.  How can we continuously look towards the US
to treat our internal ills and be quick to complain
when it interferes in our internal affairs?

We must be cured this psychosis (probably the same
mental illness that Aristide is being accused of
suffering from).  First ask for American troops to
come and help you get rid of the bad guys and teach
you how to police your nation, then scream imperialism
and domination every time there is a contradiction. 
This cycle of self deceit must to come to an end so
that we can take responsibility for ourselves and our

I for one can no longer stomach this pathetic view of
Haiti as this orphan nation at the mercy of the world.
 Our international beggar politics is a disgrace,
specially when for years, those who did the begging
the loudest filled their own coffers instead of really
improving the welfare of the nation.  

There can be no 2 ways about it.  We are either an
independent nation or a colony waiting for some
interested ?parain? to take the helm and improve our
lot.  The sad part about it is there are no takers. 

What next, do we invite the DR to come and police our
shores and borders to keep the drugs out or do we
begin by cleaning our nation of the drug dealers and
those who benefit from the drug trade?

Sabine Albert

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