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5393: Request for Personal Stories (fwd)

From: Scwiley@aol.com

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To the Corbett List, from a member:

I am currently doing research on domestic violence in Haiti and on the 
response of religious communities to it.  I'm interested in receiving any 
stories any of you have in which you witnessed domestic violence, witnessed 
intervention in situations of domestic violence, know of responses of 
religious leaders (Vodou, Catholic, Protestant, others?) to domestic 
violence, or even programs about it.  I am also interested in the way in 
which popular music speaks about the need to end domestic violence.  Any 
grassroots information at this stage will be helpful.  Thank you.  Please 
send information directly to me at:  scwiley@aol.com

Shelley Wiley, Ph.D.
Religious Studies and Philosophy
Nash Community College