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5402: Re: #5389: Re: 5377: Re: Scrapwood to Charbon (fwd)

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Dear  Barb,

Thanks for your comments -- you're right -- it's clearly a recycling 
activity. A little research into the shipping costs would be the first step 
in assessing feasibility. I think the time will come to do this project, and 
there will probably be a lot of organizations and individuals who would like 
to work on it. I started a file yesterday of comments from List members who 
expressed interest. 

What quantities would need to be sent to make the shipping worthwhile? Is 
there an economy of scale? Do Greenpeace and Rainbow Warriors still operate 
ships? etc., etc.

What I think needs to be done, in addition to the financial feasibility 
research, is to wait for some kind of initiative to occur in Haiti that will 
guarantee the passage through Customs of these products, which apparently 
already have legal immunity from duty, but which, along with just about 
everything else that enters the country, would probably be subject to 
individual bribe-taking. 

Your comments on James Olmos -- I too have always had deep respect for him. I 
liked his character on Miami Vice, to begin with, and then when I saw him in 
"Stand and Deliver" I was blown away. And the few articles I read on the 
man's personal values and actions really impressed me. Thank you for 
reminding me of him -- it made my day!

Let's stay in touch on the scrapwood to charbon idea... now that it's out on 
the List, if there's any possibility of doing it, a thousand people have read 
it by now.


Nancy Laleau