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5415: Ecuador gives asylum to two Haitian ex-cops (fwd)

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Ecuador gives asylum to two Haitian ex-cops

QUITO, Ecuador, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Ecuador said on Wednesday it had granted 
temporary asylum to two former Haitian policemen who were allegedly involved 
in a plot to destabilise the government in their impoverished Caribbean 

Authorities in the Dominican Republic were still looking for a destination 
for five other ex-policemen who were allegedly involved in the same plot last 
month and who also fled from Haiti across the border to the Dominican 

Two of the seven former officers, Didier Seide and Fritz Gourdet travelled to 
Ecuador on Tuesday. Ecuadorean Foreign Affairs Minister Heinz Moeller granted 
the pair temporary visas of protection because they "have blood relatives who 
are Ecuadorean citizens," the ministry said. 

The seven men arrived in the Dominican Republic on Oct. 17 after the 
government of Haitian President Rene Preval uncovered what it said was a plot 
to destabilise the government. 

Haiti has asked for the return of the seven men but the Dominican Republic 
has refused, saying this would contravene international law and respect for 
human rights. 

Haiti's announcement of an alleged plot came just weeks before the country, 
which shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, is set to 
hold a presidential election on Nov. 26. 

The election is widely expected to hand victory to former president 
Jean-Bertrand Aristide amid a boycott by main opposition parties -- who say 
results from parliamentary elections earlier this year were calculated in a 
way that unfairly favoured Aristide's and Preval's Lavalas Family party. 

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