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5410: Re: Laleau responds to #5399: Kozyn on Abolition of Army (fwd)

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Dear John,

Thank you for clarifying the question of the Army and marching band. (I 
really did like that solution, by the way! Not only was it elegant, but it 
was colorful and imaginative as well.)

What's happening with the status of regulations governing NGOs in the 
Republic? Your comment is the first I've heard about it.  I thought that in 
1994 an agency had been set up (headed by Rene Preval, I think) to coordinate 
the efforts of NGOs? Is it still around?  I liked that idea and thought it 
essential -- a national development plan could be prepared and NGOs could be 
plugged in to the components according to their will and capacity and 
appropriateness to the overall plan. I was surprised not to have heard that 
some such effort was already going on already by 1995.

Nancy Laleau