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5407: Re: [haitian-advocacy] U.S. Policy on Criminals Unfair to Haiti (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

The Choice is crystal clear. Immigrants are being
deported for DUI; a former US Senator was not
confirmed to lead the defense department because of
drinking problem.  Bush acknowledges 1976 DUI arrest. 
Now, this is the gentleman who is talking about
bringing integrity to the White house while he is
behaving irresponsibly.  DUI is a terrible offense. If
you haven't make your choice, ask yourself this
question why Gov Bush refuses to answer question about
using illegal substance while he was in College? Why
it took that long to talk about this DUI arrest? He
thought that he was going to get away. I don't think a
responsible voter will put someone who has a drinking
problem in the white house. Also, remember Mr. Bush
did support the apartheid regime in South Africa, veto
the Hate crime law in his state, against the
liberation of Nelson Mandela, also his stand on Haiti
is very questionable. He is against raising the
minimum wage, as you know most of our brothers and
sisters are working minimum wage. He is against
affirmative action, he has made the education his
first priority check his record in Texas. It is
evident that nobody will really know whom you are
going to vote for once you are in the voting boot, ask
yourself this question. Will you let a drunk driver
take your son to school? Will you fly with a drunken
pilot? Will you take a train with an operator who has
a prior drinking problem? If you answer no to any of
these questions, you will vote the Democrat this
coming Tuesday. 
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