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5429: Gore supports U.S. Meddling in Haiti (Re: 5407) (fwd)

From: "A. [iso-8859-1] Belokopitsky-Médard" <amedard@gte.net>

According to the article written By Georges Fauriol, director of
the Americas Program at the Center for Strategic & International
Studies in Washington, D.C.. (Wall Street Journal, 11-03-00), Gore
defends the U.S. meddling in Haitian affairs, calling it required.
Bush, on the other hand, calls it a misuse of military power. I
don't know about you, but I tend to think that the U.S. meddles
just a wee bit too much in other countries' business.  The invasion
in Haiti cost the US close to $2 billion. What did it bring to
Haiti?  Increased drug trafficking, increased violent crime, and a
free fall depreciation of the Haitian Gourde.  Is THIS what you
advocate for your people?

And if you want to think of the US ... have you ever thought what
that $2 billion (PLUS the millions or
more that the Mr. Gore's partner and friend, Mr. Clinton added to
the U.S. debt as a result of the
Lewinsky scandal) could have done for Haitians and Americans here
in the United States?  I agree with
you.  The Choice IS crystal clear.  If you advocate for continued
interference in Haiti by foreign
countries, then vote for Gore. If you think that the US meddles too
much in Haiti's business, vote for Bush or Nader.