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5448: Re: 5436: Shift focus to development: Poincy comments (fwd)

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

I commend President Leonel Fernández for his proposed approach to help
Ayiti. Whether he is pushing it to ultimately help his own country or
just for the cause of Ayiti the idea is sound. If it is for the cause of
DR, it is a selfish and rational stance that Ayitian should praise. That
is human nature anyway. I doubt it would be just altruistic. 

I understand his position as telling the international community that
Ayiti's problem is not a political one and too much energy and resources
are devoted to it. This political problem is a false one. He is telling
"Ayitian privates" that they are responsible and the Ayitian government
is not fully at fault. If the privates assume their responsibility as
they suppose to rather than bickering on "politician politics" much
would be done in Ayiti and things would be different.

I think the problems of Ayiti are caused for the most part by the
privates' failure to face their duty as citizens.  I am talking of all
groups in the society inclusively. Instead of facing up their
responsibilities as citizens they all keep looking up to the government
to resolve their own private problems. Now not only they remain idle and
not bettering themselves, in changing or transforming their communities,
they are deeply involved in something they know nothing about,
administering and governing a society.

If the responsibilities were shift to the privates and the international
community were focusing on how to assure the privates on conducting
their own affairs securely, things would be different in Ayiti,
democracy would be possible, the government would be clear of its role
and everyone would find their place in the collectivity. A high five to
President Leonel Fernández.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live