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5458: Fonkoze on panel Nov 9 in Manhattan, NY

From: Wucker@aol.com

I'd like to invite Corbetteers to a panel I'm moderating at the New School 
University's World Policy Institute this Thursday night Nov 9 from 6 to 7:30 
pm --"Grapes of Wrath: Migrant Workers in the Global Economy"

Panelists are Anne Hastings of Fonkoze (Haiti's alternative bank for the 
poor), Manuel Orozco of the Inter-American Dialogue, and Jean-Louis Danis of 
the Inter-American Finance Corp.  

We will look at how migrant worker remittances contribute to the world 
economy, the countries that depend on them, the obstacles that remitters 
face, and opportunities for tapping into remittances for development.  Haiti 
and the Dominican Republic will be among cases included.

The address is 66 West 12th St, room 510, in Manhattan.
RSVP World Policy Institute 212-229-5808 ext 101

We look forward to seeing some of you!
Michele Wucker