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5483: Please DO NOT violate the use of names from the Corbett list

>From Bob Corbett:

Folks, I am getting complaints that some of your are making lists of
people from the Corbett list and sending material about the Florida
elections.  Please stop doing this.  It is a violation of the
rules of the Corbett list in which you are not free to use the names
and addresses of people on the list for other purposes that the list
itself without their prior approval.

If it continues I will simply delete anyone so doing from the Corbett

I do post items that have DIRECTLY and exclusively to do with Haiti,
Haitians or Haitian-Americans, which is what THIS list is about.

Please, if you want to form your own list do so, but don't use
the names of people on this list without their permission.

Thank you,

Bob Corbett