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5495: Corbett finally has a search engine for his Haiti web site

>From Bob Corbett: 

Great news.  I now have a seemingly decent search engine on my rather
extensive web site.  I was meeting today with our director of computer
services and he wanted to know my dreams.  I said that first was a
search engine.  Within 5 minutes I was doing a search on Toussaint
Louverture to test it out and it worked like a charm.

Just go to my Haiti home page at:


and click on the search at the top, or go directly to the search engine



My second major wish was a home for my library program, which
catalogues my nearly 4000 items on Haiti (books, journal articles,
and other printed materials), and the often extensive note that
go with it, all of which are in my library.  Much to my delight he said
this is possible too, but not within the 5 minutes that it took to have
the search engine.

About a year ago I spent a couple of hundred dollars to purchase
the software from Pro-Cite (my library program company) to get
the software to mount the program to the web.  But, I didn't know
it had to be on a regular server.  Now I have no idea in the world
where that software is, but it should be in this room I'm currently
sitting in.  When (If ?) I locate it and take it to this fellow
he says my library program MAY have a home quickly.  But, he
couldn't guarantee me it will work.  

Nonetheless, this person is incredibly helpful and is also looking
into the question of an archive for this list once again.  He's
hopeful on that score too.

But a search engine for the web site it a great start.

Hope it's useful to you.

Bob Corbett