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5506: Volunteer Creole Translator Needed! (fwd)

From: Haiti Reborn <haiti@quixote.org>

Daniel Morden is a storyteller who I recently met in Milot, Haiti. He
just finished a project for his Wales-based charity which is dedicated
to producing culturally appropriate educational resources for Haitian

He collected folktales from the Limbe areas and commissioned a Haitian
metalworker to make sculptures based on the stories to use as
illustrations. The stories will be available in English, French and

Daniel is now facing a problem - their Creole translator was a wonderful
speaker, but his written translations are not quite up to par. The
translations, of course, need to be absolutely grammatically correct.
The charity relies on the help of volunteers, so nopayment is available
to hire a translator.

If you are a skilled Haitian Creole writer, please consider offering
your services for this great project. You might be able to volunteer to
translate some of the book, as much as you are able.

Contact Daniel directly at: Herla32@aol.com

Thank you!
Melinda Miles, Coordinator
Haiti Reborn/Quixote Center