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5516: 5511: Free Zones for Haiti mostly benefit DR, Dorce to Durban , (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 11/16/2000 6:25:40 AM Pacific Standard Time, Lance Durban 
<lpdurban@yahoo.com writes:

<<  I have nothing against Cuban aid for the Haitian sugar industry (sorry M.
Poincy), but frankly instead of wasting its time passing a tin cup around
to similarly impoverished neighbors, Haiti ought to be building its own
free zones and encouraging job-creating investors to come to Haiti.  >>
Cuban aid comes in the form of helping Haiti with creative agricultural 
techniques and how to get along without big brother's big bucks.  It is 
hardly passing the tin cup.  That is the kind of dependency the US counts on 
so that they can use the country in a parasitic way.  There is no such thing 
as encouraging investors to come to Haiti at the present time.  Haiti needs 
to be in a stronger position so that they won't fall prey to companies who 
just want a cheap place to make things and sell them at a huge mark-up in the 
States.  Haiti needs to bring in money that will STAY in Haiti.  
Manufacturing is a seductive but deadly thing that seems good for the people 
but actually does nothing to help anyone get out of their miserable poverty.  
That can't be good.  
<<Unfortunately, the importance of job creation in growing a country seems to 
be better understood in the DR than in Haiti. >>
Yes but interestingly, the targeted workers are still Haitian....gee, what 
swell guys.  I think manufacturing companies should take the hint and move 
their operations to the DR where, as you note, your business is welcome.