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5524: Re: 5514: Response to story of attack on journalists (fwd)

From: SSeitz8935@aol.com

Re: 5514:  Response to story of attack on journalists

from:  sseitz8935@aol.com

I must add my voice to this subject I know too well.
It is appalling how many men and women in many capacities but mostly in  
journalism, actually make a living off Haiti and its problems.  The 
complexities of this poor country are consistently exploited in the most 
unattractive fashion linked with tabloid journalism.  
One wonders who and where the true analysts are.  Gruesome facts will always 
be associated with a country so impoverished it cannot find, let alone 
present another face without some measure of understanding from the Press.  
It is a complex issue, but sensational reporting, photos of the desperately 
poor, concentration on death, reports of constant violence have not even come 
close to presenting any reasonable solution to assisting a depleted economy. 
In no way am I suggesting censorship of the press, or actually eliminating 
facts, but do so agree with those in Haiti who object to photos or videos 
they know will shock audiences and make money for the photographer or 
journalist.   The Haitian people have an uncanny way of "saying it like it 
is".  It would be great if the journalists maybe said it like it was, then 
actually gave a little credit here and there to any positive sign of hope 
they might find (there are some), encouraging positive views to emerge even 
slightly suppress the ever-constant negative views.
It's a tough one.  But it is possible.  suzanne seitz.