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5526: Re: 5514 - Please Pay Attention (fwd)

From: "Haitian Street Kids, Inc." <haitianstreetkids@rescueteam.com>

<From: Michael Deibert <michael_deibert@hotmail.com>
"The leader of the group began to preach to me in a loud and
agitated voice, how we "blans" come there only to "make money off 
of them and then leave them with nothing". He cited cases where he
knows of Americans and Europeans coming there to make pictures and
film, giving them nothing, and then returning to America and Europe
to make much money from the pictures and films they made."

I'm much less of a bleeding heart than many on this list, and I'm
sorry for what happened to you, but he was right.
Michael M>

Dear Michael D.
You quoted a small part of the reply that I wrote concerning the
story of what happened to a TV reporter and the people with her. 
You obviously did not grasp the gist of what I was trying to say.
NOTHING happened to me and never has on any of my numerous solo
trips to Cite Soleil.  If you would pay attention to ALL of what I
said,  I was not speaking AGAINST the people of Cite Soleil, but
against the lack of diplomacy and the politically incorrect actions
and attitudes of the reporter and crew who WAS attacked. I WAS
Please do not take two sentences out of my posting and comment on it
out of context.
Michael Brewer

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