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5842: Re: 5504: Pina adds to "Haiti: Harvest of Hope" announcement (fwd)

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

I owe an apology to my friends at the Quixote Center.  I had just been 
speaking with a friend about Mereille Durocher Bertin's assasination while I 
was writing a few things about the film.  I unconsciously put the date of 
her killing for the date of the world television premier in Haiti.  The 
actual date was the last Sunday in May of 1995, which I believe was May 28.

I also forgot to mention that the film is narrated by Roscoe Lee Brown, a 
marvelous actor from St Kitts whose voice you will certainly recognize when 
you hear it. It is also interesting to note that Roscoe played Petit Pierre, 
modeled after Aubelin Jolicouer, in the film adaptation of The Comedians.

It also includes interviews with Aristide, Father Jan-Marie Vincent, 
Claudette Werleigh, Renald Clerisme,Rene Preval and Alerte Balance. There 
are also some hilarious cameos by the likes of Senator Thomas Eddy Dupiton, 
Deputy Eddy Hendrix and Deputy Eddy Volel.

Half the proceeds from the sales of the film benefit the work of Haiti 
Reborn while the other half helps support the work of Caribbean Harvest's 
Farmer's Cooperative Loan Fund administered in conjunction with Fonkoze. We 
guarantee development loans for farmer's cooperatives to learn formal 
organic growing techniques that will lead to certification and higher prices 
for their products. It also helps to fund the purchase of new equipment and 
facilities for the cooperatives to improve their business infrastructure.

Hope you enjoy it as it was a labor of love and the best way I could return 
the hope the Haitian people so graciously shared with me.

Best Regards,

Kevin Pina
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