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5848: Pictures/Kurzban (fwd)

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

It seems to me that when you have extreme living conditions, people 
come to take pictures. Its that simple. If the conditions get worse, 
they'll take more pictures and if the conditions get better they'll 
take more pictures. If you try to stop them they'll take more pictures 
and if you get violent they'll take even more pictures. If you have 
elections they'll take pictures and if you don't have elections they'll 
take pictures. Thats the price of celebrity.
I was listening to Radio Guinea in the car on Saturday morning between 
11am and 11:30am and the commentator started referring to the Corbett 
List. He read Kurzban's piece and marvelled at what wonderful 
journalism it was. Then he read my response and started making veiled 
threats at me, my band and my hotel saying I better get with the 
People's program....Things haven't changed....I used to get those 
threats from FADH goons and now I get them from Lavalas goons. Same old 
shit different face.
Over fifty people have been killed in Port-au-Prince from gunshot 
wounds in the last couple of weeks. People don't walk around at night, 
but they do some driving. There is a sense of pre-election paranoia. If 
you don't believe me go to the morgue. Kurzban had no right to make 
those comments even if he is a paid lobbyist. There's always a price to 
pay for blood money.

Richard Morse