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5876: RE: 5850, et.al (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     Dear Readers, especially Mambo Racine:
        Please be aware of the fact that the Haitian/Kreyol use of the word 
     "blan" does not mean "white". Sure, the French translation for "white" 
     is "blanc", but the Haitian Kreyol use of "blan" actually means 
     "foreigner". When we read signs such as "an ba blan", that does not 
     mean down with the whites, it means down with the foreigners. And what 
     is a foreigner? A foreigner is one who is here, but not at one with 
     the Haitian population; not sympathetic to the people amongst whom he 
     or she is living; someone who is here making money or publicity at the 
     expense of our suffering and our culture.
        Now, I was born in the USA and I am a white person who has lived 
     here for more than 14 years, but I am *not* a "blan", nor a foreigner. 
     In US understanding (understanding which normally does not take into 
     consideration Haitian understanding!) I would probably be considered a 
     "blan", but thanks to God, I am not. Why? Because I live with and work 
     with and suffer with the Haitian people. I have identified with them; 
     I am not a foreigner amongst them, nor is the color of my skin even 
        Let's try to understand Haitians and Haitian culture before we jump 
     to conclusions.