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5876: Re: 5869: Pina comments on Manus

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

A few notes on Manus....

Firstly let us remember that his "flight" was arranged by Gerard Phillipo of 
USAID. Secondly, by all accounts here he lied about about threats against 
him by Aristide and Preval.

He has been quoted recently as stating that he always thought the 
composition of the CEP, during his tenure, was six to three against Lavalas 
until they "bought" certain members.  He makes these statement without 
producing a "shred of evidence" and yet the ambulance chasers and doom 
sayers are quick to fall all over themselves to repeat the allegations. What 
is crystal clear is that he has been collaborating and making plans with 
Olivier Nadal. Let us remember that the little coup that almost happened a 
while back had the stated desire to assasinate Preval and Aristide and to 
place Nadal and Manus at the head of a provisional government. A true 
democrat interested in the well-being of his nation? I don't think so.

Kevin Pina

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