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5880: Re: Durban to Poincy/Dorce on Int'l Economics (fwd)

From: Phil Knowles <Phildk@prodigy.net>

I pretty much have to agree with Durban.  I don't the abuse of low cost
labor either - in Sri Lanka or Mexico or Manhattan (Chinese illegals) or
Haiti.  But there is a rising voice against the bottom-picking nature of
this industry  (mostly low cost clothing) and maybe it will get slowly
better, not worse.

I met a man last year who sets up clothing factories all over the world. He
was ruthlessly cost conscious  -  "if I can make it cheaper somewhere else,
I'll go there". Living proof. Look at the labels of your clothing  -  if
it's inexpensive, it wasn't made in the US.

When I asked about Haiti, he said "Never". Why? Because his experience, and
that of others in his field, the lack of political and economic stability in
Haiti made it very risky.  A friend lost $30 million, he said, after setting
up such a factory and having to close it again.

This is a good discussion subject.  Which is worse:  no jobs, or low wage
jobs?  It's Disney etc. all over again.  I hate the exploitation, but maybe
it's better to get into play than to stand aloof and unemployed.  If there
are jobs, we can fight for decent conditions and work rules and fair
practices  - and relatively decent wages. No jobs - nothing to fight to
improve?  Not a nice choice, is it?

Phil Knowles