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5885: Re: 5869: Manus replies to Dorce reply to Manus

From: charles Manus <cmanu@starpower.net>

Just as Bob Corbett, I am quite disappointed by Dorce's response.
To my request for enlightenment, she persevered with irresponsible
Regarding the matter of Leon Manus' alleged presidential aspirations
and the coup, Dorce could have spared us the funny story.
 I wish that Ms. Dorce would "think" for a moment, of what it
is like for someone as old as Mr. Manus to find himself in exile
- God knows for how long -, simply because he truly believed
that Haitians were entitled to free and
fair elections.
 One last comment Ms Dorce, nobody will contest your right to
say what you want, and to express your opinion. However, when
you make such serious and libelous allegations, I and any responsible
person expect that you will
support them with facts, and not innuendoes.
It's unfortunate that you have chosen otherwise.....

Charles Manus

PS. Bob, I am Leon Manus' son, not his brother.

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From: Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu>
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Sent: Monday, November 20, 2000 8:30 PM
Subject: 5869: Corbett replies to Dorce reply to Manus

> From Bob Corbett:
> I am rather startled and most disappointed in Kathy Dorce's response
> on her charge against Mr. Manus.  Dorce makes a serious allegation
> that there is a hidden and somehow evil agenda in Mr. Manus' project.
> I have no idea in the world if this is so and no view on it.
> However, when fairly challenged to provide some defense of this
> claim which is offered without a shred of evidence on her part and no
> detail, Dorce attempts to turn the table and suggest that the question is
> somehow suspect because Mr. Manus' brother raises it.
> I am not Mr. Manus' relation, don't know him at all, don't know
> his program.  But I too wondered what hidden information Dorce
> had that would lead to this character-damaging suggestion and yet
> no evidence offered.  But, I admit, I wasn't much curious to know
> and didn't ask.
> Then when I see how Dorce treats a most fair call to defend
> her charge and she that uses a tactic of demeaning the question because
> it comes from his brother, well, then I become most curious as to
> the source and nature of this charge.
> I think it is a most fair question and am astonished at what
> seems to me a most irresponsible and flip reply from Dorce on this
> chracter-damaging claim she makes.  I believe any person deserve a
> more fair treatment that Mr. Manus received from Dorce in her
> earlier post.
> Bob Corbett