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5888: Comment: Deportees And Violence In Haiti (fwd)

From: Michael Brewer <immunenation@hotmail.com>

Concerning the recent crime wave happening in Port au Prince; why does 
everyone seem to be focusing on the deportees and forgetting the huge influx 
of "imported" cocaine barons in their palaces off  Delmas  and in the 
mountains? These guys are immune from any of the rules anywhere, and don't 
always recruit from just the deported criminal element.  As a matter of 
fact, most of the deportees I've met, are decent guys who were at the wrong 
place at the wrong time.  No struggling young guy in Port au Prince is 
immune from the lure of money, cars and gold chains offered and flaunted by 
the new underground elite, including those who were previously law abiding 
descent citizens. Occurences and crime that is happening in PaP now, always 
follow the immigration of these new "pharmaceutical businessmen", even in 
countries that Don't have deportees. Who do they blame it on there?

If any of the underground elite are reading this? JUST KIDDING!

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