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5891: Re: 5991: RE: a poem, regarding Ayisyen and photographers , (fwd)

From: steven white <stevelong@spyral.net>

Dear Wendy,

Thanks for your post of the poem about tourists taking pictures.  I have taken
some beautiful pictures in Haiti.  Some can be seen at windowsonhaiti.com
alongside some by better photographers than I.  Sometimes the people whose
picture I am taking are a little hesitant to be photographed because they are not
dressed up for the picture, but I like to take unposed pictures of all my friends
and family, Haitian and Blan, both in the US and Haiti.  They usually come out
quite nice.  I have heard that there are people who believe that a photo captures
the spirit of the person being photographed.  The difference between our photos
and the ones that residents of Cite Sole are displeased with shows that the
spirit captured by the photo is that of the photographer.