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5900: Re: 5879: Re: blan (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     Response from Archim...
        It appears that Mihoko Tsunetomi did not get the full understanding of  
     my post # 5879. I was writing to explain the Haitian understanding of      
    "blan" which has positively nothing whatsoever to do with racism. I've      
    heard black Haitians call other black Haitians "blan". Yes, a Japanese      
    person who is deeply interested in Haiti can be refered to as a "blan",     
    even if he or she is of yellow tint. Arabs (semites if you will) are        
    refered to as "blans" in Haiti if they have lived here for years and never  
    identified with the Haitian people. (Which is the case with the majority of 
    them!) "Blan" is not the Haitian translation of the French word "BLANC".    
    "Blan" does not merely mean "white.
        This surely is not the time to visit Haiti. I would wait for a few      
     weeks. Just read the Corbett List postings for today and I think you  will 
     understand what I mean. However, when you do come, please be in touch with 
     me and I will show you and your companions how wonderful Haiti really is.

               Best wishes,
                archim  (Father Michael)