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5908: Re: 5876: Re: 5869: Pina comments on Manus (fwd)

From: charles Manus <cmanu@starpower.net>

It really puzzles me that  Pina is bringing the same innuendoes,
falsifications and irresponsible allegations!!!

Pina writes:  " by all accounts here he lied about threats against him by
Aristide and Preval", My question to Pina is by who's account? Could Pina
produce a "shred of evidence" of his statement?

By the way, let us recall that these threats,  were the same leveled by the
chime Lavalas, JPP's Rene Civil and others, on Radio and Tele Nationale. How
coincidental that they also gave Manus a deadline of Friday at noon to
publish the results!

Pina writes: " He has been quoted recently as stating that he always thought
the composition of the CEP, during his >tenure, was six to three against
Lavalas until they "bought" certain members"

I don't recall Leon Manus ever stating this. It wouldn't even make sense,
since 6 members were chosen by Preval, himself, Manus being one of them.
Furthermore, 5 of them are still part of the actual CEP organizing the
Sunday masquerade...So, Do the math!

Once again, Pina,  please spare us the funny stories about Coup d'Etat, we
know better.

Finally, one interesting point about the declarations of these Police
officers in the DR, was that they admitted to have been instructed to commit
fraud for Lavalas in the May 21st elections. Four months before these
revelations, Manus, in his statement was reporting the active participation
of some element of the HNP in the fraud and manipulation of the elections.