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5916: Re: 5880: Re: Dorce to Knowles on Economics (fwd)

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In a message dated 11/22/2000 1:01:20 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
Phildk@prodigy.net writes:

<<  This is a good discussion subject.  Which is worse:  no jobs, or low wage
jobs?  It's Disney etc. all over again.  I hate the exploitation, but maybe
it's better to get into play than to stand aloof and unemployed.  If there
are jobs, we can fight for decent conditions and work rules and fair
practices  - and relatively decent wages. No jobs - nothing to fight to
improve?  Not a nice choice, is it?

Phil Knowles

It seems to me that it is easy for people who do not have to work too many 
hours, for too many days a week, enduring inhumane conditions, working too 
hard for too little money to support the idea of having foreign manufacturing 
companies in Haiti.  It is dehumanizing to have to work this way.  It is not 
okay to exploit people because of their dire straights, not even if there are 
no other jobs available.  How about supporting the populist president-to-be, 
Jean Bertrand Aristide?  He says if they give you two bad choices, find the 
third way.  I agree with him.