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5928: Nov 24th Statement by Jean-Bertrand Aristide (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com

English Translation of Declaration made by 
Jean-Bertrand Aristide
November 24, 2000

After 200 years of political violence,
After 200 years of economic violence,
There is only one road 
That can lead us
To complete deliverance: The road of PEACE

Just as the God of peace
Was a victim of violence,
Many innocent lives here 
Continue to be victim of  
The bombs of violence.

The day before yesterday, Robinson, 14 years old,
Disappeared under the flames of violence.
Yesterday, Ginette a young school girl,
Disappeared in the same way.

It is with much sadness in my heart
That I bow before these innocent lives,
While we wipe the tears from the eyes of their parents
With a handkerchief of peace.

With this same respect,
Allow me to place flowers of solidarity
At the feet of all victims in mourning.
The suffering of one of you, 
Is the suffering of all of us.

It is in these tragic moments
That we see
Who really is accompanying us on the road of peace.

After 200 years of political violence,
After 200 years of economic violence,
We have decided to choose PEACE to lead us
To a total delivery.

Too much misery.
Too much insecurity.
Too much blood has been spilled.
Enough is enough,
Of these 200 years of economic and political violence.  
This is why we condemn fully, without reserve
All acts of violence that continue
To spread mourning in our hearts.

December 5, 1990,
Those who did not want free elections,
Exploded a bomb in Petionville
To kill, maim, injure, harm, and
Discourage the people from going to vote.

Today, 10 years later, this same evil spirit
Continues to dance in the minds of some
Who are causing the blood of innocent lives to spill in order to block 

Their plans will not come to pass.
Just as the Constitution sets November 26th as the date for elections,
We who want peace,
Will vote, and will vote in mass.

Sunday November, 26th,
All of us, brave women and men
Who want peace in our minds,
And peace in our stomachs,
Will not hide in the caverns of fear.

In 1803, if our ancestors
Had hid in the caverns of fear,
We would remain bound by the chains of slavery with no dignity.

The children of God are the children of liberty.
The children of liberty must stand firm
To establish peace in the country.

Hand in hand with the police
As brother and sister,
One watching out for the other,
One protecting the other
For elections to proceed 
In order, discipline, security and peace.

Early Sunday morning,
In the 565 communal sections,
The Ti Fanmi's must
Stand tall, and peacefully and 
Go and vote lavalaseman.

Everywhere, people of Haiti,
Stand tall, walk in masses
To go and vote in peace.
Peace for all the children of the country, with no distinction.

Peace for all Haitians living in the 10th Department.
Peace for the political parties in the opposition and
For the candidate who have chosen to participate
In these free and democratic elections,
Peace for all peasant organizations,
Popular organizations, labor unions,
Business owners, Catholics, Protestants, Voodouists.

To the different associations in the civil society,
To the economic elite and intellectuals,
To university students, technicians, professionals,
To the youth of my Country,
A horizon of peace is at hand.
Peace and security for all the sons and daughters of the nation.

November 18, 1803 at Vertières,
Our heroes, the vas-nu-pieds (poor),
The strongest army in the world:
A new nation was born.
For, as we know,
In unity there is strength 
And the strength of a fighter 
Is first and foremost his CONVICTION.

Youth of my country,
I believe in you.
Lavalas is strength in unity.

It is with conviction that we achieved
The victory of December 16, 1990.
It is with conviction that we achieved
The victory of May 21, 2000.
It is with this same conviction
That we will cause many to come and vote for peace.

People of Haiti,
Do not be afraid!
Do not be afraid to make peace.
Vote, and vote in mass
For us to have a Haiti at Peace.