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5946: Violence preceeds Haitian elections (fwd)

From: nozier@tradewind.net

Saturday, 25 November, 2000, 00:32 GMT 
Violence preceeds Haitian elections (BBC NEWS)

The former president of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, has called for a
high turnout in the presidential elections due on Sunday.Mr Aristide is
expected to win easily his second term as the country's leader, after
the main opposition leaders decided to boycott the poll. 
The past few days have seen a spate of violence, with two children being
killed in bomb attacks in the capital Port-au-Prince.Mr Aristide, a
former Roman Catholic priest, won the presidency in 1990 but was ousted
in a military coup seven months later.After three years in exile, he was
restored to power by a United States-led invasion force.
The BBC correspondent in Port-au-Prince says that Mr Aristide
desperately needs a high turnout at the elections in order to legitimise
his government.