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5061: The Race Issue (revised) (fwd)

From: qret6394 <pharris@ou.edu>

Dear Readers:

It never fails that my students in the "Haiti" classes I teach ask me
about "racist" attitudes and behaviors towards whites from Haitians.
They ask this question out of an expectation that racist attitudes
should be a common reaction to the half millenium history of slavery,
imperialism, occupation, intervention and underdevelopment propogated
first by Europe and then the US against Haitians. They reason that any
people treated in such a manner naturally and likely would harbor such
attitudes and moreover would be thoroughly justified. In my travels
throughout Haiti, I have NEVER experienced any kind of treatment that
could be classified as racist or hostile. On the contrary I find
Haitians to be the most tolerant, hospitable and accepting people I have

ever met ( this after living the majority of my life internationally)..
and this is truly miraculous when all is considered. Yes I have been
called "blan" but did not interpret this as a denigrating term, rather
one used to denote "stranger" or "outsider" . Once individuals got to
know me or we were formally introduced the term was replaced with the
use of my name.

Although there is more to this post, it does not fit with the goals of
this list..it's about the broader considerations of this issue
If anyone is interested in reading the full content please contact me
off the list. Thank you Bob.

Patti K. Harris
University of Oklahoma

{Corbett adds:  For those interested in further discussion of racism
as a concept or the general notion of it, please contact Patti and
see if she'd be willing to be the point person for such a discussion.

Patti, please note that I'd like to be the first to so indicate
an interest.  I have different views of this than those you express, but
they have nothing to do with Haiti but about the broader issue of race
and racism.  Thanks,  Bob)