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5969: Re: 5958: Re: 5950: Observations from Haiti (fwd)

From: Lounehaiti@aol.com

<< things are not as bad as they are being made out to be in
 the international press.. is this really any surprise???? This is not to
 discount the tragedies in recent days as they did on fact occur...yet if
 I wanted to hear about senseless acts of violence I could simply read
 any US paper on any given day and I promise you won't hear that stuff
 shot round and round the world a thousand times over in bold print >>

Amen, Patty Harris!  
I was in the Artibonite at the Hopital Albert Schweitzer to bring lipids and 
amino acids to one of our 9 year old patient there --without parental 
alimentation he would starve to death. If it was for what I read on the 
international press, I would let that little guy die. I left Port-au-prince 
at 5pm and back in port-au-prince at 10pm.  Along the way, from Verrettes to 
Delmas, what I experienced was people on the street, getting ready to vote 
Thank you to the international press!


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