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5989: Will Ayiti find true friends up north - finally? (Saint-Vil) (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

The people of Haiti have spoken. With traditional bravery,  my people faced 
the hand grenade scare, the laboratory's demoralisation machine, the 
isolation threat from our «friends»?, the anti-Ayiti propaganda machine and  
went out in all 9 departments and voted for a new president.

Now, the neo-colonial opposition must call the new president and concede its 
defeat. I.e., both Bush and Gore should call Titid, Jean Chrétien, Jacques 
Chirac and all the other neo-colonial leaders should call Aristide and 
concede their defeat. Now they should stop being the opposition and start 
being real friends. They should order their ambassadors (especially the 
German and American ones!) to stop behaving like colonial governors and to 
start working in their capacity as representatives of friendly peoples that 
want to accompany the Haitian people in their struggle for complete freedom, 
properity and happiness. If they cannot do so, they should get out and stay 
out of our lives.

We march on towards 2004 with or without true friends. By the way, I extend 
sincere thanks to our brothers and sisters from the Caribbean community 
(CARICOM), Quixote Centre and other true friends of Ayiti for their support 
during our trying times. The people of Ayiti made their choice. It is up to 
the so-called friends now to choose whether 2000 will look like 1800 and 
1900 or mark the dawn of a new era of true friendship between them and us.

Lapè !

«Zanmi lwen, tout bon vre si ou vle ou ka vin zanmi pre - si ou vle! »

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