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6003: Re: 5981: One -time Aristide Ally Speaks (fwd)

From: FpierreLou@aol.com

Michelle Faul got all her facts wrong about Chavanne Jn Baptiste. It is 
unfortunate to have journalists like her roaming the country and sending such 
wrong information abroad.

 The Papaye movement was not founded by Chavannes. The Catholic Church was 
behind the whole project and Chavannes was one of the "animateur" in the 
project. Similar peasant organizations were created in the North and South of 
the country.

It is true that Chavannes had a close relationship with Aristide, but it was 
a mutual arrangement. They needed each other given the circumstances. But 
Chavannes always had an independent approach when it came to collaborating 
with popular organizations in the country.