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6024: Re: Re: 5988: Re 5880: Manufacturing (Dorce, Knowles) (fwd)

From: mark gill <doctorgill@clas.net>

> Haiti is weary of being used and abused by foreigners and their own
> elite.....decent treatment or go somewhere else.  I know it is harsh, but
> right is right.  And Haiti deserves better

**of course, the real answer for Haiti is a legitimate legal sytem, where
unions can operate freely and have legal recourse when abuse occurs in "the
workplace".......in this respect, Haiti has made no provision for its own
workers, since unions have been unsuccessful historically.  the reason is
that they are politically dangerous to some existing repressive regime,

if you want to look for a change in this situation, then one is forced to
wait and see if Mr Aristide addresses this fundamental issue.  and, it is a
fundamental issue as it represents movement toward real "democracy".

but, as Dorce correctly states, even the  elites are opposed to such, as it
means higher costs of production to the owners of
business.  higher costs of production also limits  foreign investment, since
profit is  the motive for investment.

m gill