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6035: Election Observation Statement of the ICIO (fwd)

From: "Melinda Miles, Haiti Reborn" <mmiles76@yahoo.com>

ICIO Statement at Press Conference, November 28, 2000
Hotel Plaza, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

"We are the International Coalition of Independent
Observers. The coalition itself is composed of four
groups: Pax Christi, Global Exchange of CA, the
Quixote Center in Washington, DC and Witness for
Peace. All of the individuals who observed the
elections this weekend are volunteers.

"In order to attain official accreditation to observe
the elections we presented ourselves to the CEP. We
are independent of all national governments and
international structures. On our panel today are seven
members of our group of 25."

Melinda Miles, Coordinator, Haiti Reborn/Quixote
Bob Della-Valle Rauth, Pax Christi
Moira Feeney, Global Exchange
Raymond Giraud, Palo Alto, CA
Dale Sorenson, Marin Interfaith Task Force
Vivian Tortora, Brewster, MA
Esperance Etienne, Medford, MA

"In the context of what is happening in the United
States we come here in all humility as independent
observers who want to share our observations. We are
volunteers who do not come here as international
election experts. We hope to be fair and honest
observers and we have no intent to give lessons or
offer criticism.

"We are also here because the international community
has not recognized the May elections. We are here also
to convey our observatons of the conditions of the
elections and to convey the integrity of the Haiti
process to the world.

"The International Coalition of Independent Observers
observers at 152 voting bureaus in four departments.
Our observers were stationed here in Port-au-Prince,
the department of the West, in the North, the
Artibonite and the Grand Anse.

"Voter turn-out varied in the places we observed. Our
preliminary results based on our own observations are:

Jeremie: 90%
Cap-Haitien: 50-60%
Milot, near Cap-Haitien: 70%
Gonaives and the village of Gros Morne: 62%
Port-au-Prince: no less than 30% and as much as 75%

"We witnessed minor irregularities at the BVs but no
widespread evidence that registered voters encountered
major problems. The voters appeared dignified and were
imbued with a consciousness of their role as citizens
and participants in the democratic process."

International Coalition of Independent Observers

For more information contact Melinda Miles, Haiti
Reborn/Quixote Center or Moira Feeney at Global Exchange.

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